How to made Handmade DIY Air Dry Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Ideas | Terracotta Jewellery Tutorials

This is a fun and easy to create a set of polymer clay jewellery
If you learn to make customizable, fancy, decorative and stylish polymer clay jewellery pieces?

then here it is…
This Air Dry Polymer Clay Jewellery technique is simple and quick, but the result is beautiful and eye-catching.
In today’s video, I made a Terracotta Polymer Clay Jewelry decorate with Madhubani Art.
Madhubani painting or Mithila painting is a style of Hindu Painting, practised in the Mithila the region of Nepal and in the Indian States of Bihar.
I really hope that you will like this project, for this polymer clay necklace you will need…
1.Shilpkar or modelling Clay
2.Acrylic paint
3.Plastic and Thread beads
4.Colourfull Thread
5.Jump rings
6.Tools and Scissor
7.Paint Brushes.

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