DO IT & DECORATE! 8 Cool DIY Room Decor Ideas For Your Home By Crafty Panda

Find out to turn those unusable pool noodles into a fancy cactus to comfortable up your area decor! Stay tuned for these and also even more DIY area design suggestions, recycling hacks, as well as more!

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00:00 Funnel Candle Stick
00:41 Pool Noodle Cactus
02:02 Hula Hoop Lights
02:56 Sweater Lampshade
03:46 Cloth Hanger Table
04:33 Jack Daniels Lamp
05:14 Bowl Decor
05:56 CD Photo Stand
07:26 Chair Cushion
08:52 Light Bulb Vase
09:51 Bucket Planter

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