Large Oriental Kashmir Carpets & Rugs – Size: 14 by 10 feet

14 by 10 size carpets and rugs are generally used in large size Living Rooms, Dining Rooms or areas, Great Rooms and formal sitting areas.

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However these carpets and rugs can be used in large size Bedrooms or in other areas of homes as well.

We have a stunning range of exquisite carpets and rugs in this size and in a variety of rich, vibrant colors such as Persian Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Aquamarine besides others.

These spectacular 14 by 10 size carpets and rugs are available in all kinds of designs ranging from Oriental, floral motifs such as Ispahan, Aredbill, Sarouk to unconventional designs such as Ikat, Herat, Hamadan and Tribal styles such as our Caravan collection.