How to Properly Clean Fine Wool Area Rugs

In 2011, we made a simple video that displayed the steps that we take in properly cleaning wool area rugs. Fast forward 5 years, and we have created a video that highlights the same process but also provides a written step-by-step guide to follow.

Please drop off your Fine Wool Area Rugs to be cleaned at our Specialise

The steps to properly cleaning fine wool area rugs include:

1. Unroll Area Rug for Inspection.
2. Thoroughly Pre-Vacuum Face Fibers of Carpeting to Remove Soiling.
3. Turn Area Rug Over “Face-Down”.
4. Dust/”Beat” Area Rug to Remove Excess Soiling.
5. Transfer to Wash Pit and Pre-Condition.
6. Fill Wash Pit with Fresh Water.
7. Agitation and Suspension of Particulates with Counter Rotational Rotary Scrubbing Device.
8. Drain Dirty Water and Remove Excess Water from Area Rug.
9. Fresh Water Rinse.
10. Drain Water and Remove Excess Water from Area Rug.
11. Power-Vacuum Extraction of All Moisture from Rug.
12. Transfer Rug to Cleaning Area. Power Rinse and Extract Backing of Area Rug.
13. Turn Area Rug “Face Up”, Power Rinse, and Extract Surface/Face of Area Rug.
14. Fringe Cleaning.
15. Dry Face Down on Clean Floor with Power Fans Directing Air Beneath Area Rug Allowing Area Rug to “Float”.
16. Post-Cleaning Inspection.
17. (Contingent Upon Passing All Previous Steps) Wrap in Craft Paper
18. Deliver to Client.

These steps ensure the rug is cleaned properly, thus preventing any damage from occurring. For more information on Wool Area Rugs, Cleaning, and Enviroclean of Illinois, please visit

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