How to Make a Jelly Roll Rug | A Shabby Fabrics Sewing Tutorial

We’re always looking for projects that we can complete using pre-cuts like Jelly Rolls, and this one is so cute and so fun we had to share it with you. We love that this project is pretty and practical, and we’ve gotten permission from Roma, the pattern designer, to share a part of the process with you.

You’ll need 40 strips to make this 38″ x 42″ Rug, and 2 rolls of batting. The pattern covers how to make other shapes, and you can increase the size of the rug simply by using more strips.

NOTE: In this video, Jen says the batting rolls are 50 yards and that you’ll need 2. The rolls are actually 25 yards – you need a total of 50 yards for 1 Jelly Roll.

We recommend a heavy-duty needle, like a denim needle, that will be able to handle the bulk of the strips. You can find our suggestion in the list below.

Emma’s Garden Jelly Roll Rug Kit:


1 Jelly Roll Rug Pattern:

1 Jelly Roll of your choice:

2 Rolls of Katahdin Batting Strips:


Schmetz Chrome Denim Needle:

Wonder Clips:

Olfa Spinning Rotary Mat:

Creative Grids 4.5″ x 8.5″ Ruler:

Shabby Fabrics 2.5″ x 6.5″ Ruler:


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