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Time stamp:-

0:01 modern wall decor
3:08 diy wall sconces
5:58 peacock wall decor
10:52 wall candle holder
13:44 lighting wall decor craft
16:31 modern flower vase
22:43 3 pieces Abstract wall decor
25:13 butterfly wall decor craft
27:15 golden leaves home decor
29:22 Modern lighting wall decor


Here are the items used –
❣️Project 1 :-
Poster board
Aluminum foil
Golden mirror reflective paper
Bamboo sticks
Golden spray paint
2 string lights
Glue gun

❣️project 2 :-
Poster board
Cardboard cutter
String lights
Black spray paint
Golden glitter sheet
0.5” round mirror
Paper clip

❣️project 3 :-
Poster board
Glue gun
Drop shaped gemstone
Golden spray paint
Black acrylic paint
Paper clips

❣️project 4 :-
Poster board
Golden and red metallic paint
Black acrylic paint
Glue gun
Golden Bling ribbon
Round mirrors
4 led tea light candles

❣️project 5 :-
Thin cardboard
Poster board
Glue gun
Tissue paper roll popsicle sticks
Black spray paint
2 String lights

❣️project 6:-
Poster board
Metal wire
Glue gun
Air dry clay
School glue
Golden spray paint
Black acrylic paint
Clear acrylic sealer spray
Silver bling ribbon
Led battery operated puck light

❣️project 7:-
Thick cardboard
Paper duct tape
Black acrylic paint
White and red paper
Glue gun

❣️project 8:-
Thick cardboard
Plastic straws
Silver spray paint
Blue metallic paint
Black acrylic paint
Silver shredded or glitter

❣️Project 9:-
Poster board
Glue gun
Golden spray paint
Paper duct tape
Black acrylic paint

❣️project 10 :-
Black acrylic paint
Poster board
Popsicle sticks
Foam ball
Jute rope
Red acrylic paint
Golden spray paint
String lights

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1) home decoration ideas
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9) cardboard wall art
10) lighting wall decor
11) paper crafts
12) fairy light crafts
13) peacock wall art
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16) Aluminum foil craft
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