Small Garage Organization / Legacy Start Up RE-EDIT

Other work has been piling up and I’ve had to pull away from the BMW for a few days. This re-edited video is from March 2017. The music I chose at the time was found to be copyrighted weeks after the upload. When I removed the song from the video, it seems as though the YouTube editor deleted all audio.

I decided to re-edit the video, shorten it, and add some pics of my garage, before it was really a garage. Nothing to special, but it’s something new if you have already seen this footage.

Thanks for watching! A nice clean, organized work area really improves production. I need to do the garage again before another big job comes in. I bought a black friday toy for myself that I might do a video on. STAY TUNED!

Music by:
TARI & Yix – Bliss [NCS Release]