Installing Garage Wall Cabinets | Garage Organization Episode 4

Installing Garage Wall Cabinets | Garage Organization Episode 4

Things really get rolling once the cabinets arrive. I start by installing all the wall cabinets. Base cabinets will be done later so I have room to maneuver when installing the Wall Control Pegboard under the wall cabinets.

This episode covers installing the NewAge Pro 3.0 Multi-use Lockers (on the wall) and Wall Cabinets.

Tools needed:
– Drill
– Driver
– Level (torpedo and long level)
– Wrench and/or socket set

The steps for installing are:
1. Mark your cabinet boundary locations with tape so you can then mark stud locations within those boundaries.
2. Install the wall brackets using a drill, driver, and torpedo level. HINT: When installing multiple cabinets in a row, install all brackets first using a long level to keep them the same height.
3. When installing the lockers, grab a helper. Furniture dollies come in very handy as do long posts for prying the cabinets up onto the wall brackets.
4. Install all cabinets before bolting them together with the supplies bolts from NewAge).
5. Fasten the cabinets to the walls (into the studs) using the supplies lag screws.

Episodes in this series:
1 – Introduction – Creating Your Plan
2 – Choosing your storage
3 – Pre-installation preparation
*4 – Wall Cabinet Installation (New Age Pro 3.0 Cabinets)*
5 – Wall Control Pegboard Installation
6 – Base Cabinet Installation (New Age Pro 3.0 Cabinets)
7 – Slatwall Installation
8 – Finishing touches & Staying Organized

Storage Solutions Used In This Video Series
New Age Cabinets:
Wall Control System:
StoreWallHD Panels:
Backet rack:

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