Garage Organization Tips- Building a Drawer Unit

In this video I round up some tools cluttering my workbench, organize them and build a drawer unit underneath to house them all efficiently and still have easy access.
Whenever I build a drawer unit, I gather & look over everything that needs to be stored- this is important because it improves the organization of the finished product, and it makes it easy to sort new items that have to be stored in the drawers.
I also highly recommend having a dedicated ‘junk’ drawer for clutter that would negatively affect workspaces and other drawers. Being able to contain the junk makes an enormous difference in the organization of your workspace.
Once the drawers were built, I applied furniture wax on the wood slides and put my things in- it’s such a pleasure to have tools out of the way, but right there when you need them. The finished product turned out very well- I hope it gets you thinking about how you can improve your garage or workshop.

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