Garage Organization Preparations | Garage Organization Episode 3

Garage Organization Preparations | Garage Organization Episode 3

This is the least attractive part of the process for getting your garage organized, but it is important so you ensure the installation goes smoothly.

At this stage, you can free up some space by purging obvious items. If your plan has items that you intended to get rid of, go ahead and do that now so you get it them out of the way. Also, finish up any incomplete projects so you don’t have that hanging over your head.

Next, write down the steps in which you intend to install everything. Review those steps to make sure they make sense. For example, you want to typically install things from the ceiling down to the floor so you aren’t reaching over things. Having these installation steps will give you a plan of attack to move through the process more efficiently.

Lastly, if you are installing things on the wall, go ahead and tape off where those storage solutions will go. Then use a stud finder to mark the location of the studs. This is also a good time to make sure you aren’t covering up any electrical outlets or switches.

Episodes in this series:
1 – Introduction – Creating Your Plan
2 – Choosing your storage
*3 – Pre-installation preparation*
4 – Wall Cabinet Installation (New Age Pro 3.0)
5 – Wall Control Pegboard Installation
6 – Base Cabinet Installation (New Age Pro 3.0)
7 – Slatwall Installation
8 – Finishing touches & Staying Organized

Storage Solutions Used In This Video Series
New Age Cabinets:
Wall Control System:
StoreWallHD Panels:
Backet rack:

The key to successfully organizing your garage is to create a solid plan. This plan will ensure you choose the right storage systems as well as preventing you from wasting money on storage solutions that may not work for you. Most importantly, this plan will give everything a “home” so when it comes time to actually organize, you already know where to put everything.

I follow a process I’m calling I.D.E.A
I – Inventory: take an inventory of everything in your garage
D – Design: design a plan, your storage solutions, and your process for implementing your plan
E – Execute: acquire or build your storage solutions and get them installed
A – Arrange: purge, sort, and store your stuff according to your plan

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