Garage Organization

Garages are one of the most common projects my clients ask for my help on.

It’s always fun to create a new space for my clients, especially when their goal is to park their car in the garage!

For this client, it was a little more simple.

First, we took everything out of the space. Then, we pulled everything out that he no longer wanted to keep.

This part is important because he hadn’t gone through the garage since he bought the house. The previous owner had left behind a lot of things that my client didn’t need.

After setting aside the trash and donate, we built shelving that we had bought for him and started categorizing the things he wanted to keep!

He had quite a bit of sports supplies so we used hooks to store his bike, his tennis rackets and his snowboard.

We also bought a broom organizer for his shovel and rake — these are very handy in the garage AND the home! We usually get them at the Container Store.

After we put everything back in, we organized all his small tools and hardware in an organizer and with a peg board.

Our client was so pleased with the results! He was able to park in his garage and use the space more efficiently.

Garage organization can be very satisfying — everything has a place.