EXO’s Car Audio Garage: WALKTHROUGH Tour in NEW Workshop w/ MUST HAVE TOOLS For Custom DIY Installs

Here’s an updated walk-through video showing you guys the freshly organized workshop and all the various tools used for making our favorite car audio projects come to life! Nothing too fancy here, but it works great! Thanks for watching! 🙂


Just like with any good DIY workshop, storage is the most important part! From a sturdy workbench to a nice solid desk for working on our ideas, it all matters! Today we’ll give you guys a complete tour of the new car audio workshop! Everything from the test bench setup, must have tools for building subwoofer boxes, and my best supplies for metal and woodworking. Although not the best because lots came from Harbor Freight, the build quality of any installation comes from ones abilities, not just the tools 🙂 Really any handyman or even a experienced homeowner or electrician could find great uses for these tools in the home. The extra cabinets help improve organization, and the added space having heavy duty shelves attached to the walls is very nice. The floor could definitely use some epoxy coating, but hey, I’m just a renter not a mechanic. As long as the lighting is bright, and garage door opener works, I’m happy 🙂

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“Best MUST HAVE Tools For Car Audio Installs”

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