Best Purchase EVER for Garage Organization! | 🛠 Dream Garage Build!

Pegboard installed! Welcome back to another 🛠 Dream Garage Build! The workbench is the fundamental centerpiece of this whole work area and will be critical to the success of any automotive projects, and using Pegboard to save space on shelves and keep things uncluttered in general is going to be SUPER helpful! In this episode I walk you through my process of how I went about doing the DIY Garage Pegboard install and what issues I ran into. Seeing as this was my first time doing Pegboard and one of the few times I’ve done any kind of woodwork in a long time, I’m pretty happy with how this project turned out. This will be extremely useful in the coming years as I continue to collect tools and build some crazy stuff! Peg board is extremely versatile as well, you can mount just about anything on the stuff and clear up some serious space around your workshop. There are all kinds of garage pegboard accessories you can pick up from your local hardware store or Harbor Freight. Pegboard storage can be applied just about to any flat wall surface as well. Can’t wait to use this stuff!

Tools I used in this video:


Drill Bits:


Dremel Saw:

Safety Glasses:

Ear Protection:
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