TOP 5 FUTURISTIC E-BIKE You can buy now


CAPACITA is the perfect ebike for anybody looking to carry a little extra without breaking a sweat.

Key Features:

• Lightweight Aluminum Frame
• Built-In Smart App
• GPS Anti-Theft System
• Integrated Front and Rear Lights
• Up to 40 Mile Range
• Dual Disc Brakes
• Fat Tires For Added Comfort
• Front Basket Included
• Extended Rear Rack

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Nireeka is the smartest electric bicycle ever:

• Purpose-Built frame with hidden battery
• Built-in App (iOS, Android)
• Assist mode based on heartbeat
• Blind spot radar
• GPS navigator
• Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking)
• Autolight with 3 different lighting styles

And because of its carbon fiber frame and parts, the bike weighs only 35 lbs.

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Power, Safety, Security, Intelligence
Flash isn’t just an electric is an evolution.

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The new MATE X boasts a much more powerful motor of up to 750W combined with an impressive 48V battery and controller across all models. The two combined returns significantly increased torque – and a big WOW! when you feel it.

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At ONYX we are reintroducing a full-line of electric bikes taking inspiration from popular mopeds just as they were in the 70’s and 80’s. Both bikes offer the highest torque direct drive motors in their class while delivering a 2-stroke like power-band feeling throughout the entire throttle range.

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