Futuristic Bike Robot Transformation War

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Decades later in centuries far far ahead of the 21st century reigns the futuristic city where the lands and their safety are controlled by mech robot hero simulators who now live in this world which was once ruled by humans. The robots vary from size, type and shape, some futuristic city has simple bike robot, some have giants, some have shark robot and some have flying robot.
The environment of this particular game includes flying robot but there is a twist. The flying robot have the ability transform in them. They are not only the flying robot simulator but when needed they can convert into a robot bike and take flight in the sky! There are many mechanics involved in the developing of this robot game.
The flying bike robot can be a normal robot living its life like a normal citizen and then can transform into a war simulator bike which not only is a fighter but it also is a flying bike that takes flight in the sky whenever it wishes! The futuristic robot is equipped with the latest technologies and finest steel robot machinery which makes the conversion smooth and easy!
The cool thing about the futuristic bike flying robot is that it is equipped with various weapons! It not only sends out fire balls to attack but also has target identification missiles installed in it. Whenever the flying robot wishes, he will aim at his target and shoot the missiles so that it exactly hits at the aim of his shoot!
Now with advancements come a lot of pros and cons, it has its praise but it also has negation! To prove their worth as more powerful than the existing flying robots. Many enemy robots invaded the city to fight against our robot car they will target you and will try to attack you making way in the city to call it their own. There is going to be a war simulator situation which you must not let happen!
There will be different enemies on ground when you are simply just a robot bike! You can defeat them by firing at them and shooting custom target missiles, you can also fight them by being either the bike or being the robot! Then the transform war will also take place in the sky when robot will convert into flying robot and go to fight enemy robot like evil ships in the sky!
It is time to be prepared for an action filled futuristic robot battle! There are things in the transforming war to be careful of. The enemy robot also have different attacking abilities such as small auto bots, cars shooting laser and fire in their attacks, the flying ships are really fast! You also have different controls on screen which you can use to attack at the enemy of the robot war!
The game is set on two bases; one is time based in which you have to complete the task within the provided time frame. If you are unable to defeat enemy robot within given time your character will lose. The second is health based, if you lose your health by attacks of enemy robot your character will die. The enemy robot is also health based so make sure to drain theirs entirely!
What’s new is it offers two modes now; one is a free mode which allows endless flying bike fighting games and second is carrier mode which includes fifteen transform bike levels!
HOW TO PLAY Transforming BIKE Simulator
● Start game play
● Chose the environment and level
● Select the futuristic war flying robot bike
● Using navigation map locate enemy robot
● Reach location using joystick
● Use controls on screen to make attack
● Using controls make the robot convert in to flying bike respectively
● Fight before time and health runs out
● Complete all levels using same game play in carrier mode
● Time and health-based game play
● Multiple flying robots
● 2 modes as free and carrier
● Carrier level includes 15 levels
● 4 transforming bikes
● Futuristic city environment
● Target missile simulation
● HD graphics
● 3D simulation
● Transforming war simulator
On screen controls, attacks and features