Futuristic Bike Inventions You Must Have

Futuristic Bike Inventions You Must Have

1. The Cyclotron Bike – https://igg.me/at/the-cyclotron-bike/x
The Cyclotron Bike – Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle. This is the World’s first Hubless Production Bike with an Electronic Gear Box & Ultra Lightweight Space-Grade Carbon Fiber Composite Frame.

2. Omni Wheel – http://omni.evelo.com/
An electric wheel that transforms your existing bike into a powerful e-bike.

3. Helix – http://kck.st/1LI4L8t
World class titanium folding bike is smaller and lighter than ever. Big wheels. Titanium frame. Smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world.

4. Greyp G12 – http://www.greyp.com/
The Greyp G12’s downhill-inspired dual-suspension frame, hydraulic brakes, and beefy midsection remind us of Frog Design’s Rana 2 electric motorcycle concept

5. Sondors Electric Bike – http://kck.st/1Kiy9BR
Reintroducing the world’s most affordable, versatile electric bike. Sondors eBike changed the electric bike marketplace and became the best-selling eBike.
Its powerful 350 watt motor, all-terrain tires, and speeds of up to 20 mph.