#3 advanced and futuristic bikes that are on another level || self control technology

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Hello dude. What’s up. Today in this fresh episode of #geargadgets ,I am gonna showing you 3 advanced and futuristic self control bikes that are on another level.

1. Yamaha Motoroid :
The new MOTOROiD uses an advanced balance control system. The machine senses its own state, moves to the upright position (by changing its center of gravity) and maintains its position. It can recognize its owner and acts more like a riding partner. The new concept model responds to its rider’s behavior through various functions.

2. Honda Bike Assist :
The Honda Riding Assist helps the bike to self-balance itself without using any gyroscope.

3. BMW Motorrad Vision :
Glasses in place of a helmet, smart clothing, full balance without a kickstand.


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3 cool bicycle invention that are on another level

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