10 Futuristic & Crazy Bikes Designs- These are amazing [Part 1]

10 Futuristic & Crazy Bikes Designs
10 Future & Amazing Bike Designs

In this video we showcase and feature 10 crazy bike designs and futuristic bikes awesome and amazing future bicycle concepts that are going to change the future of how bicycles function and are used in the years to come. Many of these bikes are also all electric which is another large change coming to the world of bicycles. Many of these bikes will make you stop and stare as you try and figure out there unique designs. Many of these nikes also are electric bikes or at least have the option to be made all electric.

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You can find Links to the bikes seen in this video below

#1- The Lopifit https://lopifitus.com

#2- Google Version of a self driving Bike (This was just a fun prank
project by google, this bike is currently not available)

#3- Ono Archont. https://www.onobikes.com

#4- Volkswagen concept for an Electric Bike

#5- The ElliptiGo https://www.elliptigo.com

#6- Mando Footloose IM Ebike https://www.mandofootloose.com/en/

#7- Vanmoof https://www.vanmoof.com/en_us/

#8- The Juggernaut. https://riderungu.com

#9- MC2. https://www.mc2bike.com/index.html

#10- The Denny http://teague.com/work/the-bike-of-the-future

10 crazy bikes you have to see to
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10 amazing bikes in the world
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