Health Tips | How to Conquer Sugar Cravings

Is your sweet tooth taking over your diet? Refined sugar causes real, clinically verifiable addictive patterns in your brain and ruinous effects on your body. Did you know the average American consumes between 22 and 30 teaspoons of added sugar every day? Here are 4 easy ways to do a Sugar Detox and overcome those sugar cravings!


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Break the hold sugar has over you!

Before you begin a sugar detox, know the difference between natural and added sugars.

Natural sugars are found in fruits and vegetables.

They are bound to other nutrients like protein and dietary fiber and are broken down slowly and provide a healthier source of energy.

Added sugars are often refined and stripped of these nutrients, leaving only empty calories.

1 – Plan Ahead

Limit your sugar intake a few weeks before the detox, then challenge yourself to go sugarless for a month.

Avoid the obvious sweets and watch out for hidden sugars in salad dressing, dried fruit, yogurt, juice, and processed foods.

2 – Check The Label

Other names for sugar can be dextrose, fructose, glucose, and corn syrup.

3 – Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Manage your blood sugar levels with plant-based protein.

If you do find yourself craving a sweet treat, look to natural alternatives like honey or fruit.

4 – Add Supplements

Vitamin B-12 and probiotics may help avoid cravings and detox symptoms like headaches.

Once you’ve completed this cleanse, it’s important not to go back to old ways.

Try to incorporate these healthy habits on a permanent basis.

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