Wear n’ Tear Detail Video

This is the detail video for Wear n’ Tear where you can get a close look of the outfits we were wearing and find out how you can get this look too! Listed below we have the brands and where we found them, enjoy!

Jessica Outfit 1
Leather jacket: 1980’s Excelled bought at a flea market in LA.
Cropped tank: vintage Harley Davidson from flea market I cut up.
Blue jeans: vintage ENUF bought at goodwill.
Shoes: Avia’s

Sidney Outfit 1
Fur coat: Brand unknown, bought at a vintage shop in Greenwich Village.
White tube top: Forever 21 leotard that I cut up.
Leather pants: Amati Genuine Leather bought at thrift store in San Fransisco.
Shoes: New Balance bought at Goodwill.

Jessica Outfit 2
Fur coat: Mincara styled by Russel Taylor, this coat was given to me by my great grandmother.
Pants and shirt are the same as the first outfit!

Sidney Outfit 2
Pink Dress: Van Raalte, bought at a thrift store in Colorado.
Cross Necklace: Detroit Trash (my jewelry line)
Shoes: New Balance

Jessica Outfit 3
Green Dress: Vintage April Cornell bought at a thrift store in Virginia.
Shoes: Avia’s

Sidney Outfit 3
Cropped Tee: Vintage The Hooters band T-Shirt, bought at a flea market, that I cut.
Leather Pants: Amati Genuine Leather.
Shoes: New Balance.

Song by Spooky Black.