What I Wear in a Week of ART SCHOOL | thrifted outfits (French/English subs)

hello babes of the internets! Lots of energy&love went in to this lookbook so I really hope you enjoy and maybe get some outfit inspiration 🙂 I wanted to show what I wear in a week of Art school because it’s such a fun, creative and artsy vibe when you live in the clothes you wear! I am all about getting messy and doing some DIY customising (painting on dresses, jeans, etc). Thats what I think is so fun about styling outfits when they are thrifted and budget because they can have loads of contradictions like chic and chill, and gives you the Inspiration to mix a bunch of different aesthetics. At school I really need to make sure my clothes are comfy to work in but I also love colour and 90s/80s fashion inspiration, so it is fun to try different looks and just experiment a ton 🙂 I also love wearing baggy jeans (I raid Alex’s closet a ton hahaha) and mixing grunge with more trendy styles.
I have so much fun doing these OOTWs and fashion type videos so let me know if you enjoy them and what your favourite looks were! Also I’m curious to know where do you all go shopping? I almost exclusively go thrifting now (and that is rare too) but I am trying to get away from fast fashion like H&M and Zara, etc. Yet another reason why I love DIY and recycling clothes.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video (in French and English as usual lol) don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram (@_purple_palace) where I would love to connect! also I can’t wait to see what kind of cool clothes you all make!
I love you!
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