a week of cozy outfits in college 🌧☕️

it’s still cold here in northern california so here are six outfits to keep u cozy and comfy 🙂

hello my friends happy sunday i hope y’all are doing well i have two midterms this week both on friday i’m scared but i’m gonna start studying asap so i have no regrets and i can say that i started studying early sjdkfksf

for reference my height is 172 cm (5’7.7″).

i hope this video gives u some inspiration for a chilly day!! i’ll leave links to whatever pieces i can find:

outfit no. 1:
– coat: zara (i bought it years ago so i can’t find the exact one also i don’t shop at zara anymore but i get asked about my coats a lot)
– stan smith shoes: https://www.adidas.com/us/stan-smith-shoes/M20324.html

outfit no. 2:
– coat (also zara)
– mock-neck sweater: thrifted
– mom jeans: thrifted

outfit no. 3:
– denim jacket: can thrift a similar jacket
– hoodie: https://www.champion.com/shop/champion/champion-life-mens-hoodie-gf6845?categoryId=21218
– timberland shoes: https://www.timberland.com/shop/womens-nellie-waterproof-chukka-boots-wheat-23399231#hero=0
– leggings (same as outfit no. 4 and 6): https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/women-heattech-extra-warm-leggings-408243.html?dwvar_408243_color=COL09&cgid=women-heattech-collection#start=21&cgid=women-heattech-collection

outfit no. 4:
– flannel: can easily thrift a flannel
– hoodie: https://www.adidas.com/us/trefoil-hoodie/CE2408.html
– dr martens: https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/11821006

outfit no. 5:
– turtleneck sweater: thrifted
– thermal shirt: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/women-heattech-crew-neck-long-sleeve-t-shirt-408417.html?dwvar_408417_color=COL09&cgid=women-heattech-collection#start=3&cgid=women-heattech-collection
– black culottes/wide pants: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/women-pleated-pants-413820.html?dwvar_413820_color=COL69&cgid=women-pants#start=25&cgid=women-pants
– high top converse: https://www.converse.com/shop/p/chuck-taylor-all-star-high-top-unisex-shoe/M9006MP.html?dwvar_M9006MP_color=black&styleNo=M9160&cgid=womens-high-top-shoes

outfit no. 6:
– sweatshirt: thrifted
– pants: thrifted (brand is levi’s)
– low top converse: https://www.converse.com/shop/p/chuck-taylor-all-star-low-top-unisex-shoe/M9696MP.html?pid=M9696MP&dwvar_M9696MP_color=black&styleNo=M9166&pdp=true&cgid=womens-low-top-shoes&vgid=M7652

this video is not sponsored i just googled these links sfjksdfs

SEE YOU SOON! idk if i’ll have a video up wednesday like i did with the last upload bc of midterms, so if that’s the case, then i will definitely see you sunday! BYE ILY

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