DIY: How to make a 2-circle and 3-circle skirts. Making a flamenco skirt. Sewing tutorial.

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Today I’ll tell you about the 2-circle and 3-circle skirts.
I’m going to show you how to make a 2-circle skirt and also tell you how to make a 3-circle skirt.
I think that this is a very useful tutorial because such skirts are not sold in the shops.
If you decide to make a long 2-circle skirt, you’ll have to make it not of the 2 circles, but of the 4 half-circles.
When making a circle or 2-circle skirt, don’t try to put the cut detail on a piece of fabric and cut around it. You will never make a good item this way. It’s much better to draw a new one.
You can make a concealed zipper in a side seam – it’s up to you.
If you do everything accurately, all the details will match.
I don’t show you how to fix the mistakes, because I don’t make them.
I’ll also tell you about the 3-circle skirt.
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