WALK-IN CLOSET | The Sims 4 Speed Build


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Q: What game packs do you have?
A: I have the base game and the Get To Work expansion 🙂

Q: How do you get the furniture/clothes that doesn’t come with the game?
A: Those objects are Custom Content (CC), which are .package files you download and place in your game’s Mods folder. I download them mostly from The Sims Resource and Tumblr. You can find CC lists, with download links, in the descriptions of most of my videos 🙂

Q: Can the Sims use custom content objects?
A: Most of the time, yes. However, sometimes, clutter or decorative items may get in the way or make the animations look glitchy. For example, blankets and pillows placed on top of beds do not move when the Sims use the bed, so it will look strange. Plus, if there’s a certain object that has no functional equivalent in the game, like a washer or a dryer, it will be solely decorative.

Q: What cheats do you use while building?
A: I use bb.moveobjects on. I also hold Alt while placing an object (to place it off grid) and while rotating an object (to rotate it freely). To move objects up, I hold Alt + 9 and, to move objects down, I hold Alt + 0.

Q: Why can’t I find you on Origin?
A: Make sure you’ve ticked the ‘Include Custom Content’ box, which you can find under ‘Advanced’.

Q: Can you upload your mods folder/the CC you used in this video?
A: Sorry, but no. I understand it would be much more convenient, but doing so goes against the TOU of the creators whose CC I use. Therefore, I choose to stick to the method of doing CC lists. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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