Scarf Storage and Organization Idea (the best) – Renee Romeo @reneeromeodiy #diylikeapro

Scarf and Storage Organization Idea (the best) – Renee Romeo
Are your scarves making a mess of your closet or drawer?



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Watch this quick video for the best scarf and storage organization idea. You will be amazed by this simple method for storing and organizing your scarves. My entry closet is organized so that everyone in the house can find exactly what they need at a moment’s notice. From the moment we open the door, a quick visual scan reveals what we are looking for. Items are organized in boxes, bins and shelves. The only area that needs help is my current solution for organizing all our scarves. Every time we grab one, the rest fall all over the floor!

I learned this method at a fancy clothing boutique.
If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone. This boutique has the most clever way of displaying their collection of scarves. I think this method helps sell more scarves because it’s so attractive to look at, as well. Anyone wanting to save time and be more organized can easily do this. Now that I have mastered their way of  of display, I can teach you how to have your closet looking like a fancy boutique too. Wouldn’t that be a pleasure?

I know you’re dying to know the secret!
Before you watch this video, grab one of your scarfs and get ready to learn this brilliant technique. It’s a fast and easy skill to learn. You will never store your scarves another way! The best part of this process is that you already have everything you need to get the job done. If you have kids, gather them around the screen (with their own scarf) and learn this simple and fun way to store their scarves. Everyone will will be amazed at how simple I make this method for you. Best yet, your scarves will take up half as much space so that you can double your scarf capacity.

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