Small Bedroom Closet Design ideas

To give your more ideas, I invite you to read “Complete Organizing Hack for Tiny Space” on link below the description.
Topics we discuss in another site include:
1. How to leave zero space in your small bedroom
2. How to create new room for your different party shoes
3. How to double your space by upcycle it.
4. How to hack your surplus shower curtain to get more organize bedroom.
5. DIY How to save $30 and get a set of felt hangers
6. How to hack metal rods and get free T-shirt clutter
7.How to get extra rod in your shelf for your boots or dangle purses.

And a complete guide how to organize all your clothing when you have a limited space.
There We cover:
1. General tips
2. How to hang your clothes
3. How to organize your folded Clothes
4. 3 tips to organize shoes and boots
5. 6 keys to organize your bags
6. and 4 takeaways how to get more space inside your house.

The link is: