Sheriff Tiny House Boasts A Walk-in Closet And Home Office

Even in a full-size house or apartment, a walk-in closet is a nice feature to have, but in a tiny house on wheels, it’s positively indulgent. Still, Wishbone Tiny Homes artfully squeezed one in while building the Sheriff. No one trick pony, this well laid-out tiny house also includes a balcony, home office, and an upstairs lounge.

Visually, the Sheriff tiny house catches the eye with its green engineered wood siding, white detailing, and stained balcony and storage box. It sits on a 26 ft (8 m) triple-axel trailer, weighs roughly 17,000 lb (7,711 kg), and comprises a total floorspace of 315 sq ft (30 sq m). The home gets its power from a standard RV hookup.

On entering, the aforementioned walk-in closet is adjacent to the doorway, and further along in that direction lies a small home office that also doubles-up as a guest bedroom and includes a drop-down desk.

Over at the opposite side of the ground floor lies a kitchen which includes a refrigerator, four-burner propane-powered range cooker, washing machine, and a neat sink with chopping board and basket inserts. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and a Japanese-style wooden soaking tub with overhead shower.

A set of double storage stairs in the center of the home lead to the bedroom on one side and the lounge on the other. It’s pretty unusual to have a lounge upstairs in a tiny house, but judging from the pictures it seems like it could offer a real sense of separation from the home office/guest bedroom and kitchen.

The bedroom is a pretty typical snug tiny house loft bedroom, however it does include a small door which leads to a small balcony. This is a nice touch and should help the room feel less claustrophobic.

The Sheriff was recently built to order for US$75,000. Wishbone Tiny Homes told us that it’s currently focusing on building non-trailered tiny infill homes in its hometown, however plans for the tiny house are available for $250.

Source: Wishbone Tiny Homes

The Sheriff was recently built to order for US$75,00, but plans are available to purchase for $250 (Credit: Wishbone Tiny Homes)

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