Room and Walk In Closet Tour | 2016

EDIT: Sorry this is up a day late! had problems with uploading last night!

Hey guys! So it is finally here my room tour which is like 3 months over due lmfao but still!! its finally here!! and I’m so excited!! hope everyone else is too!! K. anyways. so basically i was going to do a montage thing at the beginning of the video like beauty gurus do you know with the copyrighted music in the background and all those funky angels???? well i was but A) first of all, who has the time to watch 20 seconds of filtered clips with taylor swift playing in the background and B) who has the time to edit that???? the answer is not me. time is money. but still i edited this video to the best of my ability oh yes that reminds me sorry if the background music in this video is a mess i did try to make it all the a bit different but i can’t quite tell whether or not i like the final outcome, I’m not too sure but yeah we’re stuck with it now lol! also the whole wall thing was totally just a remake of what i did in my room before but i think it looks a lot better! although I’m pretty sure i got my original idea to do that from lauren elizabeth because she is a creative genius and make sure to answer the question of the day (what’s the best book you’ve ever read) because honestly i need some book recommendations PRONTO because i don’t have time to sit through a 30 minute video of a 12 year old girl talking about her favourite books like i use to be able to sit there and watch a zoella haul for like 30 minutes no problem but now i can’t do it i get too bored (no offence to zoe, love her), like the only way i can concentrate now-a-days is if I’m eating whilst watching or something like i just can’t concentrate i need everything quick and fast like i said time is money. anyways have a good week u guys!!!

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S N A P C H A T: g_braithwaite

V I N E: George Braithwaite

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M Y L A S T V I D E O (Dinner Date With Troye Sivan?):


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