FreedomRail Closet Organization System Install – Glenbrook U

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freedomRail® is the most innovative concept in home storage and organization. It provides all the benefits of a custom closet while being easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to upgrade.

Once you experience the amazing ease of freedomRail
installation, you’ll feel confident to tackle every closet in your home!

Easy to Install
Using a level and a drill attach the Rail to the wall. After that, all other components simply lock into place. No complicated instructions and no confusing parts and pieces.

You’ll be astonished at how quickly freedomRail installs!

Easy to Adjust
All components are designed for a lifetime of use. Reposition shelves to fit a growing child or move pantry shelves to accommodate a blender. Changes are a snap!

Easy to Upgrade
Place a Rail in every closet of your home and then
choose from a variety of options to customize that storage space. Shelving can be Profile or wood. O-Boxes®, can
be added to any closet for enclosed storage. Make
your storage work for you.

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