Coming Out the Closet, Deputy Tammy Davis, COPS TV SHOW
Deputy Tammy Davis – West Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Tammy Davis with West Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office responded to a Burglary in Progress in a residential neighborhood. She met up with several K-9 Deputies who began a track with the helicopter over head leading the way. After an extensive search, the helicopter spotted the suspect running down the street. After losing him again, they heard a woman screaming for help just around the corner from them. Deputies ran to her as she screamed to them that the suspect was in her house. K-9 and Deputy Davis made their way into the victim’s house and found the woman’s husband trying to trap him inside their bedroom closet. Once K-9 got the husband out of the way, deputies rush the door open and spotted the suspect attempting to hide. He gave up and was arrested. Deputy Davis spoke with the home owners, who were beyond surprised to come home to our suspect breaking into their home. He was arrested and taken to jail.