CLOTHES CONDO for our Me dolls? Pt 1 ~concept, start w/ clothes closet rods VIDEO JOURNAL

Pt 1 of 2 ~Grew out of that Barbie wardrobe pretty quickly!!! This idea which was suppose to be on a shelf, sprouted into something bigger for all of our family ME dolls. It has turned into a flat out project and finally, a space for the airplane too! Have fun seeing how to make it with me.

This Vampire Villa doll house was one that Grace got disinterested in. Her Dad passed it over to me. It has been sitting there waiting for ideas for months. It was always going to have the wheels and platform idea, but recently with our ME doll venture… I felt that the MH has had enough areas in the doll room. Therefore, this idea began to fester in my mind. The sizing is perfect for the limited space I have left and can be rolled out of the way for play in it or around it.

Along the way nothing is quite solid in thought as the concept all came to me just recently. As well I change my mind a lot with all of this but certainly do figure it out as I go with this very different idea than anything I have ever done before… a spot to highlight the wonderful clothes and fashions of Barbie, Ken & Skipper sized dolls.

Keep in mind, you could take crossover ideas and inspiration from this for any fashion doll such as Monster High, Ever After, Disney, Bratz etc.

I am very visual and I want to SEEEEEEE all of the wonderful clothes to play with them! Having a feeling this will work out perfectly. Can you see it yet?
Have a super day, hope you enjoy!
~Mama Jammer

Part 1: (this video)
Part 2:
Final display of this overgrown wardrobe:


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