Closet Organization Tips: How to Choose Hangars

Closet Organization Tips: How to Choose Hangars – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

A lot of clients ask me what kind of hangers should they buy for their closets. My favorite is the velvet hanger, which is so thin and slender and will hold all your clothes perfectly without them falling off. They also take up less space which is really great. A lot of my clients’ closets are filled with these wire hangers, disposable ones you get from the dry cleaners. You should not be using these for your clothes as they are not really durable and can cause damage. They also should not go in the garbage can. They should be returned to your dry cleaner or put in the recycling bin, if possible, in your community.

Another thing is, my clients have a lot of wood hangers. Those are good hangers, but they also can take up a lot of space. A lot of times, I will switch those over to the men’s side of the closet and use the velvet ones for the women. Another hanger to think about would be this clip hanger. It is great for hanging skirts or for pants. Now if you are limited with space, I kind of recommend doubling or tripling up, which I have done here. I have 3 skirts hanging on one hanger. You want to keep them grouped in a like category so you know easily when you pull it out what is there. So, they are many different hangers you can choose from, but these velvet ones are my favorite. Not only do they streamline and create more space, but they look amazing.