Barbie Doll CLOTHES CLOSET Heaven ~ Dream Dollhouse Wardrobe Tour & 1:6 Dolls Collection w/ Airplane

~A compact, mobile, rotating dream closet & dress up play space for Barbie doll fashions and attire: with 4+ beds, 3 floors and over 50 dolls displayed. Doll house used is a Vampire Villa by Teamson Kids. The top area has a Barbie Airplane but could easily be converted for more doll or doll clothes storage. At 27” X 27”, this is perfect for maximum doll clothes & doll storage in a limited space like an apartment or bedroom. Crossover ideas can easily turn this into a useful idea for your favorite 11 1/2” fashion dolls & doll clothes.
This adult doll collector Mom & her daughter wanted a playable & practical concept for enjoying all the sizes & shapes of Barbie dolls in a small spot, as well as storage and display of the dolls and their iconic fashionista stuff! Including shoes & accessories! At the same time, being able to put things back very easy and still see them, makes for doll play and clean up perfection. Beds make for a more interesting “stand” than the usual for their SBF family “me doll” on each floor. Alex’s (World Peacekeepers action figure) floor is home to the 12” Ken fashions. As well as 10” Kevin /Todd (used the High School Musical Troy doll for that size,) custom made 9” Max /Todd , 4” Darrin & 3” Tommy sized items. His bed is from the Mattel summer hammock play set. Wardrobe is a Gloria product. Wendy’s (2004 Happy Holidays doll head w/ M2M body) floor is dedicated to the usual 11 ½” Barbie fashions with an area for the multi-fitting clothes items from separates, fashion packs, for regular, petite, tall and curvy body shapes. Clear containers, various hangers on the closet rods and a little Shopkins piece (shoe rack) make for great additions to highlight the variety in this doll clothes & doll shoes collection. As well as maternity wear for Happy Family Midge and a useful purse & bag tree is in there too. Can’t forget! There is a cute little royal dog bed for their bulldog, Panda. Grace’s (Generation Girl, Tori) floor is home to 10” Skipper & petite clothes with the Stacie Sisters Bunkbed as her “stand” and a small princess wardrobe for dresses & jumpsuits. Movie Night playset stuff is spread throughout.

Remember, you can find a different 3 level bookshelf for this instead of the coffin one used. Video Journals of this DIY project from the start:
Part 1:
Part 2:

The bookshelf is mounted on a plywood platform with wheels to spin it like a carousel and have a literal 360 play area. The outer platform has also been utilized with clear plastic containers and cups. In front is more Barbie swimwear, shoes, jewelry & accessories storage. Including, spaces for 9” Stacie, 4” Chelsea & 3” Kelly doll clothes. The sides have a unique string chain for hanging princess style costumes like (Cinderella, Belle & Snowhite,) poofy holiday, Christmas, birthday & wedding dresses, evening wear gowns and mama’s era favorites (like the 1977 Superstar pink dress!) The back has a personalized rainbow wardrobe for the custom #AimeDoll, space for 1976 Supersize Barbie fashions, dedicated tall & curvy outfits and general hairstyling /mending tools.
This doll collector is LOVING the various sizes, heights and complexions of the newer fashionista Barbie dolls and also desired a place to show them off & highlight them. This is where the clear cups came in. Scattered around the platform is all of her diverse favorites: all heights, males & female dolls with Caucasian, African American, Latino, Asian, Hispanic, East Indian & vampire skin tones, blonde, brunette, black, ginger red headed & colorful streaked hair, short, long, curly, bobbed, layered & corn row styled hair, flat & heeled foot, twist and turn, tall, short, usual, curvy, pregnant and twist & turn bodies. Even 17” Dreamtopia & baby Krissy too! Many have been body swapped into Made To Move, yoga, articulated bodies that match their skin tones as well. She hopes to have as much as she can for posable articulation in her doll world.
These dolls will all be developed into named characters hopefully for future YouTube stories. So far there is a Teacher, Chef, Waitress, Fashion Show Hosts, Military Serviceman, Doctor, Forensic Scientist, Librarian, Veterinarian and Seamstress as careers for some. Stay tuned for this doll world story introduction! #wendysdollworld
Hope you have enjoyed this tour of an ultimate, dream Barbie doll, doll house clothes closet!

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