An Organized Home: Our Entryway Coat Closet Organization {how to organize}

This is how we organized our entry closet.

We do not live in a very cold climate. So our jackets and sweaters worked well in this entry closet, which are usually small. If we limit the number of pieces to the ones we use regularly, the closet has ample space.

This closet also serves as my daughter’s shoes, school bag, and outerwear accessories “mudroom”.

We used the back of the door for extra hooks in order to fit more items and put extra hooks next to the closet and in front of the closet for guests’ jackets and other items such as scarves and bags.

We hope you enjoy this video as we enjoy doing everything together as a Mommy and daughter team 😀

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**I purchased all products in this video. All opinions and feelings expressed are our own.**