Best Christmas Cupcake Decorating Ideas of 2019

It’s nearly Christmas, and that means that we’re putting together our best cupcake ideas, just ready for the end of 2019. As you know, we love decorating all sorts of cupcakes here at Craft Factory, so whether you want to make an awesome Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Cupcake, or a Santa Pull Apart Cupcake, we’ve got you covered!

Let us know which cupcake idea is your favorite in the comments below

0:00 – Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Cupcake
0:28 – Camp Fire Cupcake
0:49 – Christmas Cone Cupcakes
1:20 – Christmas Mug Cupcake
1:39 – Candy Cane Cupcake
2:11 – North Pole Cupcake
2:29 – Polar Paw Cupcake
2:45 – Penguin Cupcakes
3:14 – Santa Pull Apart Cupcakes
3:49 – Snowman Pull Apart Cupcakes
4:31 – Rudolph the Reindeer Pull Apart Cupcakes
5:13 – Christmas Jumper Pull Apart Cupcakes
5:54 – Christmas Lights Cupcakes
6:15 – Christmas Baubles Cupcakes
7:15 – Mistletoe Cupcake
7:37 – Snowman Marshmallow Cupcake
8:18 – Santa Hat Cupcakes
8:33 – Christmas Tree Cupcakes
9:00 – Christmas Coffee Cup Cake

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