How to Tie Dye a Star Flower ~ Tying

this video demonstrates how to tie-dye a Star Flower design on a tapestry and a partial one on a tee shirt… I will get the dyeing video up soon and will post results when it is complete

I have lots of how to videos to watch about how to do tie-dye, some tips and tricks on tie-dye and some reveal videos where I open a tie-dye after rinsing it so be sure to take a look around.

I am still learning how to fully use YouTube, so I will be making changes as I learn, Thank you for your patience.

Also you may see some other videos from my life of magic and wonder, but I will try to keep non tie-dye videos to a minimum,

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One more note, I am learning about Live Video Streaming on YouTube so I hope to start doing those soon and at some point I will set a day of the week for a regular live video stream where you can ask me questions while I work.
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