Wall Hanging With Bangles(simple and easy)

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Butterfly Wall Hanging With Bangles(Kids Decoration)https://youtu.be/c7f_M_1j0rY

Wall Decor From Broken Bangles (Broken Bangles Craft)https://youtu.be/848Zitlx9CY

Wall Decor with Paper Flower and Bangles

Bangles Mirror wall Art(super easy)

Super Easy Bangles Craft DIY

Broken Bangles Craft

DIY Turn Waste Bangles Into Baskethttps://youtu.be/qj8pv6YYWbw Photo Frame From Bangles And Yarns/DIY Crafthttps://youtu.be/ayrjY_y2xfA
DIY wind chimes with bangles//Wall hanging with bangleshttps://youtu.be/7GCxI7My2qA
Simple Wall Hanging With Bangles