Shutterfly by Design – Home Decor Showcase 2014

We’ve partnered with Brit Morin, Michelle Workman and Olivia Palermo to transform a New York townhouse into an exquisite home design experience using modern furnishings, stylish decorative accents, and Shutterfly home decor. Take a peek around to see the beautiful things we’ve created!


Speaker 1: I think it’s so important that you integrate your personal style into your home d├ęcor, because your home is truly an illustration of who you are as a person. So much of what you see here was actually created using Shutterfly, from the pillows to the coasters to the art on the walls. What’s great about it is you can not only just use photographs, but actually designs.
Speaker 2: I think within fashion and within interior, bringing it into your home, it’s important to add personal details to things because I don’t think a home is ever finished. You can always add to it and change things up.
Speaker 3: Shutterfly allowed me to personalize this space in an amazing way. I was able to take a 12 inch pencil drawing and turn it into this mural you see here.
Speaker 2: Shutterfly allows you to really customize and create your own style. Sometimes you can’t always find it and this really gives you a chance to make it your own.
Speaker 3: My favorite Shutterfly creation in this space, that’s hard because there’s so many.
Speaker 1: You want people to be successful their first time around and if they do that once, they’re going to do it again and hopefully they’ll keep creating and keep making.