How to Choose Dining Room Design – Home Decor Tips

How to Choose Dining Room Design – Home Decor Tips- as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

One of the biggest things to consider in dining room design today, is all of the the other functions that go on, in the dining room, is the dining room just a formal dining room that you are using a couple of times a year. Sometime dining rooms we designed double as home offices and, we will actually design a buffet that doubles as a computer station when the formal dining room is not in use. Often times the dining room is being used everyday and, that is something we need to consider when selecting the furnishing and the materials if it is going to be really high traffic use all the time.

Now of course you always have to have a chandelier over the dining room table, what kind of chandelier do you select, if you have a round, square or an oval table, a round chandelier is what you want, if you have a rectangular table, we recommend doing maybe a series of pendance or long linear chandelier, that’s what would work with a rectangular table. Now how high, I always get this question, how high over the table do I hang the chandelier? Well good rule of the thumb is 28 to 32 inches above the table is the perfect chandelier height. Again those rules are always meant to be broken and if you really have a really high ceiling or a super funky chandelier, definitely hang at your discretion. But 30 inches is a perfect rule of thumb and it allows you to still feature the chandelier as a design focal point and also be able to talk to the person across the table.

Another thing you want to consider is the height of the arm of your chair versus the apron of the table. And a good rule for thumb for that, is to allow seven inches between the dining room chair arm and, the apron pf the table, now you have got a table that fits perfectly in the room, how many chairs can you fit around the table, I always plan for 24 inches for each chair and that gives you enough room to pull in and out without knocking elbows with your neighbor next to you. If you remember some of these tips and tricks, you will have a beautiful dinning room that you can entertain, work or use as a library for many years to come.