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Welcome back guys. I always thought the White Horse Statues were so elegant in homes. You would find them in some of the more expensive decorated rooms. I even looked one up and found it for $250.00. Immediately my mind went to how can I get this look for a fraction of the retail price and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!

High-End Inspired White Horse Statue

Duration: 2days including dry time (1hr actual labor)

Items and Supplies Purchased:
Horse | $19.99 – Tuesday Morning
Oval Wooden Pedestal | $2.99($1.80w/40% coupon) – Hobby Lobby
2pk Wooden Pedestal | $2.99($1.80w/40% coupon) – Hobby Lobby

Other items used but not purchased:
E6000 Glue – Hobby Lobby
Wood Glue – Home Depot
Wood Filler – Home Depot
80 and 120 Grit Sand Paper – Home Depot
White Spray Paint w/ Primer – Hobby Lobby & Home Depot
Clamps – Home Depot (I suggest purchase larger clamps to truly support the wood)
Table Saw – Home Depot
Plastic to protect table – You can use garbage bags

Please visit my blog at where you will find before and after photos of some of the transformations so far.

I hope you enjoy the journey of my house transformation.


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