DIY: Colorful Ice Candles | Home Decor Ideas (Recycling Project)

How to make colorful Ice Candles using ice – Home & Room decor idea. In the next video I will show you how to make a tablecloth under candles. I hope you enjoy this DIY 🙂
Candle making instructions ↓

Take candles (colors of your choice) you can also use old candles.

Prepare candles for melting.
Cut into the candle and breake in smaller pieces.

Add the pieces into a cup and melt in a pot with hot water.

Take empty Tetra Pak and Cut 2 slits into them.

Roll the candles wick around a skewer,
Place skewer with wick into the slits.

Place the wick at the bottom and be sure that the wick is in the center.

Fill the Tetra Pak with 1/3 crushed ice.

Fill the container with the melted wax.
Let the wax become completely solid.

Remove the paper around it.

Cut off the wick on the bottom & Let the candle dry..

The Candle is completly done 🙂
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