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Hey ya’ll, I’m back! I’ll be showing you some super easy DIY home decor you can get from DOLLAR TREE. Who else loves Dollar Tree?!


3 faux bouquets $3
3 glass vases $3
3 bags of pebbles/stones $3
1 pack of tea light candles $1
2 glass jars $2
2 mason jars $2
8 Photo frames $8
“Pray more” framed picture $1

TOTAL: $23 Ok my numbers were way off LOL. But the things I actually bought that day did equal less than $10. All together all of my home decor in my house from Dollar Tree equals $23, that’s amazing!

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I vlog my adventures as a new mom, military wife and human being. Mom.Wife.HUMAN. is my way of expressing that just because I’m a mom and wife and society says I have it all together, I really don’t. I’m simply a human being learning and growing every day. I chose to document some of my journey to share it with the world. My channel also features DIY projects, chit chats, baby updates, hot topics, and of course a bunch of annoying mom stuff because I LOVE being a mom, hehe. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button!


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