Adding Personality with Interior Home Decor

How can you express your style at home? Let your personality guide the way! Here are a few tips for discovering your decorating style. Your favorite place can inspire your decorating choices. You might translate that Oceanside vacation into a beach style living room. Or, fond memories of grandma’s farm might inspire a country style kitchen. Are your clothes eclectic, romantic or classic? Translate the look into your furnishings and accessories. Turn to nature for decorating inspiration. Choose colors and textures from the outdoors and use them in large swatches. Consider the mood you want to create. If you want the space to energize you, try bold hues and dramatic shapes. Do you want your home to calm you? Choose muted colors and soft, snuggly textures. Perhaps the most important tip is the simplest one, if you really love it, it will work! When you decorate with the things you love, you’ll end up with a home that’s personal and perfect for you!

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