5 floral home decor DIYs ~ using THRIFT finds / Anthropologie inspired ~ ivory ivi

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today I’m here with my new DIY video – it took me so long to finish it, I really hope you’ll enjoy watching it! it’s very summery, very floral, very me 🙂 I’m sorry it’s almost 15 minutes long but I had to thank you out loud for all your support and plus there are 5 DIY ideas – I didn’t want to cut them too short.

Anthropologie inspired frame with a print ~ 2:47
cute vases with floral charms ~ 4:22
frame with dried flowers ~ 7:05
floral scented candle ~ 8:55
vintage-looking pot for plants ~ 12:26

here is the web-site where you can purchase pressed flowers:

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music: Joey Pecoraro – Curl Up Into A Ball