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7 Kidney Detox Herbs To Cleanse Kidney At Home
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Kidneys are actually self-cleaning organs. To support their normal functioning, you must eat a healthy diet, do exercise, and consume adequate fluids, which can include foods like, fruits, vegetables as well as water and other liquids. For a little extra support, you can include some below-listed herbs in your diet, that can help cleanse your kidneys.

1. Dandelion Root 0:58
For cleansing kidneys using this herb: 1:17
Note of caution: 1:25

2. Parsley 1:34
For cleansing kidneys with this herb: 2:01
Note of caution: 2:07

3. Ginger 2:12
The best ways to enjoy ginger’s cleansing benefit is: 2:27

4. Celery 2:40
To get the best result from this herb: 2:57

5. Marshmallow 3:06
To get the best benefit: 3:26
Note of caution: 3:33

6. Turmeric 3:39
In order to cleanse your kidney: 4:00

7. Stinging Nettle 4:11
To use this for cleansing kidney at home: 4:36
Note of caution: 4:46

Additional Tips: 4:59

So, these are the list of Top 7 super herbs to cleanse your kidney at home

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