Top 5 Closet Organization Mistakes

Top 5 Closet Organization Mistakes – as part of the women’s style series on clothing and fashion by GeoBeats.

There are five mistakes that women make when they are organizing their wardrobe, and the first one is that they do not organize it at all. They continue to shop without clearing out. So in other words, every time you buy something new, you should really go into your closet and find something that is stained or that you are not wearing anymore and get rid of it. And this way we are not constantly adding to the closet without removing things. The second mistake I think people make is organizing their closet by color. Now if this works for you, that is great. I think it is a little hard to go pick clothes out when it is organized by color. I think organized by item is the way to do it. So you have short-sleeve blouses, long-sleeve blouses. When you need a short-sleeve blouse, you do not have to go through all the blacks and find the one. You are at your short-sleeve blouses, there is your black blouse.

The third mistake I think women make in their closet is leaving their shoes in shoe boxes. You do not know what you have, you cannot take stock. So you come home with another pair of black boots because you forgot there was one up in your closet. The fourth mistake women make is by keeping their sweaters, their bigger sweaters and their blazers in a front hall closet or in a coat closet and not in the closet in which they keep the rest of their clothes. The reason I think this is a mistake is because then those pieces do not get cycled into your everyday outfits, and what a shame, because there is a lot you are missing if that is the case.

The last mistake women make is by not revamping their closets twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall everybody should be going through all their things, taking stock of what they have, taking stock of what they need to purchase new of, and getting rid of and donating things that are not working anymore. If you continually do this, you are going to have a very functional closet, and you are going to get dressed in the morning with ease.