Jennylyn Mercado Shows Off Her Modern and Sophisticated New House

Starstruck Season 1 Ultimate Female Surivor and Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 Best Actress Jennylyn Mercado opened up her new house to the public and shared it for all of her fans and supporters to see.
With all of the things that she has accomplished, her modern-style house truly is the epitome of class and luxury. Jennylyn worked closely with her interior designer and was hands-on with its details, down to the nitty-gritty.
Although it is a woman’s home, the house is not feminine and girly. It has wide spaces suitable for her son to play around in and enjoy. The colors are mostly neutral, mostly consisting of whites and other pastel colors such as baby blue and light green.
Separate from her bedroom, she has a room dedicated for entertainment and recreation purposes. She has another entertainment system installed there.
Her room has an entertainment system that she uses to enjoy watching movies with her family.
She also has bike holders installed in her room. Jennylyn is one of the most physically fit actresses in modern Pinoy showbiz. She admitted that she loves to exercise and work out and one of her favorite ways to stay fit is through biking.
Notable parts of her house include her walk-in closet which contains tons of clothes and shoes. She also has her own dressing room complete with an artist’s chair and light bulbs similar to what a theater actor would have.