Closet Organization Tips – How to Organize Your Closet

Closet Organization Tips – How to Organize Your Closet – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Lots of clothes in the closet. You do not know what is in there and you stand in front of that closet and say, “I have nothing to wear.” I hear this lament all the time from my clients. Well, here are some tricks that you can do. First of all, you have to realize you need to get organized. Yeah, it is tough to come to that conclusion, but make a day of it, and make it a fun day. Get someone that has your best interest at heart. You know, get a good wingman that is going to tell you honestly if your items of clothes are dated, they need to go, they have seen you in it too much, whatever it may be. So, have a fun day along with doing the work.

These are wardrobe racks. You can find them at most home stores, container stores, or you can even find them online. They are really great to have and they fold down and you can actually even slip them under the bed. So take out that wardrobe rack, if you have one, if not just use the bed. Put out your clothes. You do not have to get overwhelmed and put them all out at once. Take them in sections and put them on the rack so you can start going through. Here is a little known fact a lot of people find once they start this whole process is shopping in there closet. You will be surprised what you will find in your closet. Things with tags still on them that maybe got slipped under something else. So, start with sections of your closet. Go through. Try things on.

Just because you have items in your closet that you think are the right size, that you have always been a size 8 and you have size 8s in there, is it a size 8 that is going to fit you now? Our bodies change. Weight shifts around, so try things on. Really important to try on what is in your closet because you might need to do even a more extensive clean out with the items that are there right now. So, look to the closet. Start cleaning it out. Here is a really big trick, and we used to do it on the television shows, put outfits together. I am going to show you what I mean by that with something very technical, called a rubberband. You can do this if you do not have hangers that have the little hole that you could put the pant hanger, skirt hanger in, you could just take a rubberband. Put outfits together. Actually, you could even, if you had a pant and a skirt that you could put two together with a jacket. That really is going to cut down on, “What am I going to wear in the morning?” There you have got an outfit. You can even hang jewelry on it.

Even if you want to go a little bit further, you can take a large manilla tag and write down the outfits that you really, really like and you want to remember them. So, quick reference in the morning, or you could even take pictures. With digital cameras these days, just take a bunch of pictures and put them online. Then you will know what outfits you have. So, these are all tricks that you can do with getting that closet organized. And one last really big tip. I have a moth problem. I know that a lot of people have moth problems and they are pesky little pests. I have lost many a cashmere sweater to a nasty little moth. I have just come across something that is going to save the day. No more stinky mothballs. No more asphyxiating yourself with those terrible smells. Cloves, yes cloves that are in most people’s pantry, especially around holiday time. Put cloves in a nylon sock or nylon half sock, or even an old pair of pantyhose, tie it up and put those in your closet. That will instantly keep those moths away.

So, those are the tips for how to organize your closet. So, make sure that you have got things in your closet that you are going to wear now, that fit you now. Get rid of all the rest or put it in storage if you cannot bring yourself to give it away yet. Just get it out of your closet and only keep the things in your closet that you are going to wear now and fit you.