Closet Organization Tips and Giveaway!

Hi Style Saints!!! It’s TT time again!!! Many of you have asked me about closet organization tips so this week’s TT was shot IN MY CLOSET! (or one of them at least, haha!) I’m also doing my very first GIVEAWAY! Yayyyy!! You will have to watch the vid to see what I’m giving away and all you have to do is subbscribe to Subblime by going to this link . In about a week from the date on this video we will randomly select a winner and you will receive the prize. Its a good one I promise! OK OK back to the Tuesday’s Tip info….Today I show you how to minimize those “WHERES MY SHIRT??? I CANT FIND MY SHIRT!” moments by showing you how to color coordinate and organize your clothes with 3 simple steps. I use these steps when organizing my celeb clients closets too and they love me for it! So please make sure to subbscribe to Subblime for the chance to WIN and also pass this video along to any neat freaks you know. Please also LIKE, Favorite, and COMMENT! I want to hear your comments loud and clear!! Thanks for the LOVE and support- Linds