Closet Organization – Regular clothes | Sarees | Anarkalis | Makeup | Jewelry | Purses

In this video, I, have shown how to keep everything in one small closet (Regular and Traditional clothes viz Sarees, Anarkalis, Purses, Makeup, Jewellery) and yet look beautiful and organised. With few smart tips and ideas, one can maximise limited space and utilise clothes and accessories efficiently.

Products shown in this video:
Hanging clothes organiser with drawers-
Hanging clothes organiser without drawers-
Plastic cloth hangers-
Hanging saree covers-
Lingerie drawer organiser –
Acrylic lipstick organiser-
Acrylic lipstick and nail paint organiser-
Plastic section box- local store
Big Storage baskets-
Small storage baskets-
Saree cover-
Saree cover (Extra large)-
Saree covers (6 pcs)-
Foldable storage box for clothes, accessories –
Jewellery bag with attached pouches and bangle rod- From Alpha market
Something similar-
Bangles pouch-
Jewellery pocket organiser-
Over the door Hanger-
Plastic scarf organiser-
Plastic door multi-hook to hang purses –
Command hooks-
S shape organiser-
Chalkboard Labels-

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